What It Will Cost...

To serve you I need to be fair with my pricing, fair is a two way street. I will assure you that you will have my best possible work and you will be clear about what you need. We'll talk and I'll do exactly what needs to be done.

Pay through PayPal: Using a credit card is not a problem, I can send you an invoice by e-mail or you can pay here using the form below to settle your account. I also accept cash, and cheques (for labour). All hardware must be paid for before I start and will be sourced from local dealers, their receipt will be included in your paperwork. If you prefer to source the hardware yourself I'm happy to install it.

If you need to send me a payment, direct it to: sohonorth.payment@gmail.com

Hard Drive: Cost of Drive + $100 to complete data transfer.
 ~ or ~
Cost of drive + Cost of Drive Enclosure +$50 to swap drives.

System Replacement: $200, includes transfer of all user data, backup of original system and disposal/recycling of old PC. I can help you by sourcing of hardware and installation of new components to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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